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I have worked at the University Arts London for 7 years. My pedagogic research includes ALTO arts learning and teaching online, SCORE fellowship at the Open University - UAL research pilot project: an open resource, sharing and exploring process in arts practice through the day to day practice of staff and students at UAL. I'm a painter and my studio, an artist run space is in Stockwell, London - - Paintings Work in corporate and private collections: The Professional Football Association (PFA) Manchester, D Jones and J Morris Directors of the Business Design Centre, R. Kaller-Kimche Inc New York, Rumi Verjee of Thomas Goode & Co Limited and Nilsson Architects, won BHF Bank Painting Prize -


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About Process Arts: It was developed with the aim of creating a new collaborative online resource that explores process in arts practice. The website provides a new user driven online studio community that focuses on making at all levels in art and design at UAL, whilst also sharing, informing and engaging with the wider community. The new user driven site will show unique insights into the acts of making whilst also encouraging users to share knowledge and experience online throughout the University of the Arts and beyond. Explore the many hidden traditional and contemporary creative technical processes practiced daily, show work and the processes involved in its making online using video, text, image and sound uploading tools. As ALTO college coordinator I will contribute to the successful completion of the ALTO Project, the core of the project is concerned with the creation and sharing of Open Education Resources (OERs). The role provides a rare opportunity to observe and contrast how learning content is created, used, shared and re-purposed by staff and students within specific courses across the university and with partner institutions. The fundamental challenge of the ALTO project is to facilitate ‘institutional change’ promoting online collaborations that address ‘the four Rs of OER and teaching and learning practice’ David Wiley (2008): Reuse: the right to reuse the content in its unaltered/verbatim form (e.g., reduce repetition) Revise: the rights to adapt, adjust, modify, or alter the content itself Remix: the right to combine the original or revised content with other content to create something new Redistribute: the right to share copies of the original content, the revisions, or the remixes with others As part of my ALTO role I will work closely with a specific group of staff and students exploring the use of online ‘resources’ and ‘learning objects’ within the curriculum of the course. Development links: Mahara test site -

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